Weʼre raising £7,500,000 to provide disaster relief after the explosion in Beirut

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On the fourth of August, a massive explosion hit Beirut. A large part of the city became rubble and many lives were lost. As our team at Impact Lebanon was trying to deal with the grief of watching our homeland crumble, we realized that we needed to act quick.

We launched a fundraiser with the aim of providing some relief to those afflicted by the calamity. The size of the support that we received was higher than we expected. The Lebanese community reaching far and wide and the international community were ready to support so generously in any way possible. We met our first target within minutes and by midnight we had crossed the £1 million mark.

From looking at the horrific videos of the blast, we knew that the destruction was massive and we needed to mobilise as many resources as possible to meet the growing needs on the ground as they became more evident.

As the donations were pouring in, we were working on crystallizing the best ways for selecting the right NGO’s to send our donations to. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is our core value. To ensure that remains satisfied while we move with the urgency required by the situation, we have put together a thorough selection process for the organisations which will be receiving our funds.

We have also partnered with 3QA, a third-party quality assurance organisation based in Beirut, to support with the due-diligence and monitoring process of the organisations that will be receiving funding.

We have a team at Impact Lebanon dedicated to vetting other NGOs and leading careful examinations of their suitability to receive our funds. Our most important selection criteria for the NGO’s that will receive our funds are that they are apolitical and non-sectarian, that they are registered and recognised, that they have ongoing initiatives to address the crisis and that they’ve passed an audit test. Secondly, we ask them to submit a project proposal detailing how the money will be spent, which we evaluate for urgency, the availability of substitutes (if there is other funding for this problem), the number of people impacted by this initiative, geographic diversity and alignment with Impact Lebanon’s priorities.

We are currently in the process of ensuring the money is transferred in the fastest, safest and most economical way possible. Proof of receipt will be shared publicly as soon as the transfer to the Lebanese Red Cross is complete.

It is crucial to us that you know how your donations will be allocated and that they are channeled in a way that makes the most significant impact on the ground. We are committed to remaining as transparent as possible throughout this process. We will update you as soon as we can on the exact amounts that will be donated to each of these organizations and on the way they intend to use the money.

We continue to monitor the situation and hope to rely on your continued generosity in maximizing the impact in Lebanon.

Thank you for your support!

4 months ago
We’ve promised to always be transparent and our volunteer teams have been working diligently to ensure that we’re always clear in our communications with our donors and audience, and to balance between pragmatism and diligence in disbursing the donated funds.

Along with our partners 3QA, Qudarat and LIFE, we’ve been in communication with NGOs on the ground to get detailed disbursement proposals and to exercise diligence in our management of the funds we were entrusted with by donors, in order to achieve maximum impact for Beirut.

We received many proposals, attesting to the huge needs on the ground on many different fronts. We’ve remained committed to being fair and equitable, prioritising the needs and assessing the capacities of NGOs. We therefore had to set August 30th as the deadline for NGOs to submit proposals, while making sure that we had already disbursed a sizable amount for urgent matters.

After receiving 150+ proposals, navigating the legal frameworks, and working relentlessly and thoroughly, we’re now excited to announce that we’re nearly done. Over the next weeks, we should receive the remaining reports from NGOs, at which point it’ll be all systems go!

5 months ago
We are now exiting the critical period and entering the early recovery period following the Beirut blast. Impact Lebanon has implemented a strategic approach in order to proceed proficiently with our fund disbursement. Our strategy is based on identifying priority areas for fund allocation, closely examining gap areas and finding the optimal fund disbursement process. More information is now available in our official report.