About us

What? Impact Lebanon is a non-profit organisation that brings the community together to pursue initiatives that deliver impact for Lebanon. Our process is to encourage the brainstorming of ideas; promote the sharing of knowledge, resources and expertise; and build strong teams to turn an idea into a successful initiative.

Why? Impact Lebanon was set up to make activism and volunteering accessible, relevant and sustainable for the Lebanese diaspora. We needed a risk-free and impact-focused environment that invites us to tap into our creative and entrepreneurial abilities to help our country and community. Most importantly, we needed a home for our ideas and a family that believes in supporting each other’s initiatives and committing to their success.

Who? The steadily growing team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique stories for how we have contributed to Impact Lebanon. The common thread that brings us together is our passion for Lebanon and the Lebanese community, desire to be active citizens, shared set of values, entrepreneurial spirit, and belief in the value of honesty and collaboration. We hope that you will join us and contribute to keeping the momentum and building for the future of Lebanon.

How? Sign up and check out our existing initiatives and click on “I want to volunteer”. Alternatively, go to the brainstorming section and suggest an idea of your own and we will get in touch to help you make it happen! You can also contact us through the details at the bottom of the page.

Founding Board

Bilal Malaeb

Christina Teokari

Diana Abbas

Elissa Sebaaly

Farid Habib

Gerard Zouein

Jad-Gabriel Habib

Lucien George

Maya Hodroj

Mohamad Kantar

Myriam Naufal

Nader Noueiri

Nisrine Jaafar

Rami Kanaan

Raya Khayat

Sadir Abdul Hadi

Sevine Sabbah

Sibylle George