Keyboards for Lebanon

Keyboards for Lebanon

The current situation in Lebanon is extremely challenging. On top of the current COVID crisis, people are also dealing with economic collapse and hyperinflation as well as the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion that destroyed or damaged thousands of buildings and left an estimated 300 000 people homeless.

As access to computers and the internet becomes essential for many daily tasks, from access to education to applying for jobs, people without this access are at a disadvantage and this digital divide is causing great hardship to the people affected.

Keyboards for Lebanon is an initiative in partnership with ASSOCIATION PHILIPPE JABRE, Ancien Jamhour (Suisse), as well as WAAAUB Swiss Chapter, through which we aim to procure donations of laptops and other computer equipment, specifically from companies who are renewing their IT equipment, to ultimately support students and teachers in need in Lebanon.

How you can help:

Get in contact with your company and ask if equipment donations can be made, or personally donate any digital device you can, which can contribute to the future of people in Lebanon. Any donation should be in full working order, including charger and preferably less than 6 years old. If you need a template to use or guide you with using your message you can view the template we created here.

Our main aim is to facilitate access to education. The distribution of laptops will embrace diversity and go to students and teachers in need, who would be identified based on a thorough social assessment by vetted and duly selected NGOs, schools, and universities (or alumni offices) in Lebanon. Stay tuned for future announcements of our partners on the ground.

For further information or to make a donation towards purchasing new laptops or towards any shipping costs, visit our website Don't hesitate to email us on for any queries.