Seminars and Panel Discussions

Seminars and Panel Discussions

We can only be effective in advocating for change if we keep ourselves well informed. To this end, we have organised a series of seminars in collaboration with various reputable educational institutions in London:
·       Understanding Lebanon’s Protests: A Socio-economic Take, in partnership with the London School of Economics Institute of Global Affairs, featuring: 
-       Nasser Yassin, Interim Director of Issam Fares Institute, AUB
-       Nayla Geagea, Lawyer and Legal and Constitutional expert; 
-       Gilbert Doumitt, Activist and Managing Partner at Beyond Reform & Development; and
-       Dr. Bilal Malaeb, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Global Affairs, LSE
·       Lebanon's Protests: A Society Turning Against the System, in partnership with the London School of Economics Middle East Centre, featuring:
-       Dr. Jamil Mouawad, Lecturer in political studies and public administration at AUB
-       Dr. Hicham Safieddine, Lecturer in the History of the Modern Middle East at King's College, London; and
-       Sophie Chamas, Senior teaching fellow at the Centre for Gener Studies at SOAS
·       An informative talk and Q&A about the Lebanese constitution and what comes next, in partnership with University College London, featuring Mr. Rabih El Chaer, Lawyer and Founder of the Human Rights Centre at the University of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon. 
·       Art & Revolution: The role of artistic expression in the Lebanese Revolution, in partnership with University College London, featuring:
-       Lina Daouk, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the American University of Beirut; 
-       Nadine Chahine, Arabic Font Designer; and
-       Michelle Keserwany, Singer and Songwriter
·       Waste Management in Lebanon: From Crisis to a Sustainable Future, in partnership with King’s College London, featuring:
-       Ziad Abichaker, CEO at Cedar Environmental;
-       Dr. Najat Saliba, - Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Director of the Centre for Nature Conservation at the American University of Beirut, and laureate of the L’Oreal-UNESCO Science Program in 2019; and 
-       Professor David Wilson, Visiting Professor in Waste Management at Imperial College, London and Independent Waste and Resource Management Consultant.
·       Oil & Gas in Lebanon, in partnership with University College London
-       Mr. Wissam Zahabi, Board Member and Head of Economic and Financial Department at the Lebanese Petroleum Administration; 
-       Ms. Laury Haytayan, Middle East and North Africa Director at The Natural Resource Governance Institute;
-       Ms. Diana Kaissy; Executive Director, Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative; and
-       Dr. Pierre Saade, Middle East and North Africa Coordinator at Publish What You Pay.