Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Lebanese talent is everywhere around the globe and Lebanon provides a pool of readily available, highly skilled, and multilingual workforce, but local opportunities to find paid employment and ways that they can monetize on that talent are not as readily available. One of the ways to help Lebanon sustainably, especially in the current economic situation, is to support Lebanese people in finding paid work opportunities and in building their careers.

This is the goal of the mentoring program - to match volunteers with Lebanese unemployed graduates and students as well as people who have been unemployed long-term in several ways:

· Helping students applying to university in their applications;

· Supporting job seekers with their CVs, cover letters and job applications;

· Assisting job seekers with identifying potential jobs they could pursue remotely or on a freelance basis and with creating new opportunities for themselves online; and

· Providing career advice.

Do you need a mentor? Sign up here -

Can you spare 1 hour or more a week to mentor a Lebanese student or job seeker or assist with editing CVs and cover letters? If you can, please sign up and volunteer!