Dikkéni - Support Emerging Lebanese Talent

Dikkéni - Support Emerging Lebanese Talent

Dikkeniis nonprofit platform showcasing emerging Lebanese artists, artisans and designers. Founded by a small group of women at initiative incubator Impact Lebanon, they were able to capitalise on the diverse skill set and expertise amongst the group to build their concept from the ground up. 

The ongoing political and economic crisis has put a strain on many creatives, who thought about shutting their doors, halting their production and emigrating. By showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship and talent of Lebanese talent to a new market, they hope to encourage them to keep Beirut’s pulse beating. 

Their curation merges social impact with design, featuring a selection of handcrafted pieces and art. Consumers are forced to choose between aesthetics, price and ethics. They offer a curated selection that delivers on all three. They feature social enterprises pioneering small-scale production and sustainability so that you can purchase what you love with a clean conscience.

Make an Impact With Each Purchase

  1. Support Local Production: Each purchase enables their brands to continue producing locally.
  2. Support Emerging Talent: They feature independent talent that put their heart and soul into each creation they make.
  3. Support Sustainable Practices: Straight from the atelier, carefully crafted for conscious consumption.