Charity Clothes Drive

Charity Clothes Drive

The humanitarian spirit of the Lebanese community was so evident when people started reaching out to ask if there is a way to donate clothes to people in need in Lebanon during the months of winter. This inspired us to organise a clothes-drive, matching people who had space in their suitcases with people who wanted to donate clothes. 

A testament to how quick the Lebanese people are to help each other, the volunteers taking suitcases to Lebanon were offered free extra luggage allowance by the Middle East Airlines team in London! 

The result: over 500kg of clothes were taken over the holidays from London to Beirut and donated to Ajyalouna, Fabric Aid, Bala Wala Erech Tent, donation booths in Riad El Solh, other families in need. 

Should we turn this into an ongoing drive? Please suggest it as a project idea and let us know if you’d like to help keeping it alive!