Mentorship Program

Lebanese talent is everywhere around the globe and Lebanon provides a pool of readily available, highly skilled, and multilingual workforce, but local opportunities to find paid employment and ways that they can monetize on that talent are not as readily available. One of the ways to help Lebanon sustainably, especially in the current economic situation, is to support Lebanese people in finding paid work opportunities and in building their careers.

This is the goal of the mentoring program - to match volunteers with Lebanese unemployed graduates and students as well as people who have been unemployed long-term in several ways:

· Helping students applying to university in their applications;

· Supporting job seekers with their CVs, cover letters and job applications;

· Assisting job seekers with identifying potential jobs they could pursue remotely or on a freelance basis and with creating new opportunities for themselves online; and

· Providing career advice.

Do you need a mentor? Sign up here -

Can you spare 1 hour or more a week to mentor a Lebanese student or job seeker or assist with editing CVs and cover letters? If you can, please sign up and volunteer!

Mentorship Program


Jacky Khoueiry (8 days ago)

Hello, I work in Immigration law here in London. I am able to assist with any questions or concerns regarding visa applications to the UK. I am also an LLB and LLM graduate so I am happy to advise on the educational and professional route for anyone interested in pursuing a career in law.

Mohammed Kabbani (about 1 month ago)

I have worked in the IT industry for over 40 years, in England and Internationally (Europe, USA, Middle East and South America). The Last 20 years as an ‘IT consultant’ for large blue chip companies in Telecoms, Finance, Banking, insurance and the Government. I can help in checking the CV’s, advising on the workings of finding jobs (here and abroad), interviewing techniques, and qualifications required (Educational and Working Experience) to enter the fields desired.

Ramzi Kawas (3 months ago)

Hello, I work in Recruitment/headhunting, I can help with CV creation, job hunting, linkedin profile setup etc..

Nadine Abaza (3 months ago)

I work in asset management; happy to mentor and help with CV reviews, interview skills, university exams

Osama Eid (3 months ago)

Hello, I am a management and strategy consultant and I can help with job/ university applications and overall career advice. Please let me know how I can get involved.

Dania Kadi (3 months ago)

Thank you to everyone who is interested in joining us as mentor. I look forward to working with you. The programme was on hold as many of our volunteers were responding to the relief efforts. We are now ready to relaunch and will be in touch with you shortly

Marie-Therese Rached (3 months ago)

I have a MSc and a PhD in Life Sciences and would like to support lebanese students who are looking to pursue a career in Science and can provide career advice.

Janine Baadarani (3 months ago)

I have an MS in counseling and have worked as a college counselor for years. I can assist students and young professionals with this process: from CVs, LinkedIn, brain storming, career assessments etc.

Isabelle Doumet (3 months ago)

I can help with Architecture portfolios for universities and job applications Including cover letters and cvs.

Helena Najm (3 months ago)

I work at a university and would be happy to review application materials or talk about research/graduate school

Hazar El-Chamaa (3 months ago)

I am a partner in a law firm. Happy to help those wanting to pursue a career in law.

Ingrid Soto (3 months ago)

I can help editing CVs, cover letters, and personal statements for university admissions. Experience mentoring young professionals. 12+ years of exp. in the fields of finance and real estate.

Hanine Hajnasr (3 months ago)

I love working /mentoring young adults on various topics including professional career prep etc. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss.

Bettina Latuff (3 months ago)

I can help reviewing university applications/personal statements. I worked as a Student Ambassador for four years helping different students with their applications and making decisions on Higher Education. I speak English and French

Haitham Bou Ammar (3 months ago)

I can help teach, tech write, mentor, provide career advice, and connect you with researchers and scientists for opportunities related to AI and machine learning. Please let me know if you need any help in these.

Gareth James (4 months ago)

I can help with editing cvs and cover letters, helping with career advice, job applications and anything else. I work in the tech sector. I don’t know what help you might need but am willing to give my time. I also speak french and Arabic.

Paul Katsivelis (4 months ago)

I can assist with editing CV:s and Cover Letter as well as shorter essays in the field of humanistics